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I'm a Raleigh-based copywriter who thrives on creating engaging copy by capturing your brand's unique voice.

I specialize in brand building, breaking down big-picture ideas, and writing educational content for web pages, landing pages, blog articles, and product descriptions. I also develop shareable content for blogs and social platforms.

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Long-Form Content

High-quality long-form articles, advertorials, and blog posts that increase user engagement, site traffic, and conversion rates. 

Home Warranty or Home Insurance? A Choice Home Warranty Review

Owning real estate is an American dream, but it can come with financial worries about the unexpected cost of repairs if major systems and appliances stop working. Home repairs don’t need to be the cause of homeownership anxiety, especially if you have the dual protection of both home insurance and a home warranty. Our friends at Choice Home Warranty often get asked what the difference is between home insurance and their comprehensive protection plans that guard against the high cost of repairing or replacing major systems and appliances. So, they’ve come to House Method to help them set the record straight on the difference between a home warranty and home insurance.

First American Home Warranty: Protect Your Money Against Expensive Repairs

I’m sure by now you’ve heard the old saying that goes, “home is where the heart is.” You’ve probably even recited it once or twice yourself. Well, First American Home Warranty feels a little different. To them, heart is where the home is. For almost 35 years, First American Home Warranty has been committed to protecting homeowners’ budgets from expensive repairs and replacements with their home warranty plans. Serving customers with value, integrity, and quality service, they’ve made quite a reputation for themselves of being reliable, consistent, and fairly priced.

Tired of Wasting Time and Money at the Gym? Bowflex is the Solution

Even if you know how important exercise is for a healthy lifestyle, making it to the gym regularly is still a challenge. Sure, you got that gym membership with the best intentions, determined to go at least three times a week so you could start working on your summer bod. Maybe you even stuck with it for a few weeks, maybe even a month if you’re really dedicated, but eventually, you quit going. It’s not your fault, life happens. If Bowflex sounds like the kind of solution you’ve been looking for, you’re not alone.

Bad Pest Infestation? 8 Reasons You Need to Call Terminix Right Now

It’s that time of year again. The weather is warm, the days are longer, the sun is shining, you’ve got burgers on the grill and a cold one in hand. You know what that means. It’s bug season! Terminix is a leading name in home and commercial pest and rodent control. And they should be. They’ve been around since the 40’s, so they’ve had plenty of time to perfect their expertise. They pride themselves on working hard and delivering quick and effective results.

Creative Content

Short articles published on social media outlets to boost site traffic, user interaction, and overall user engagement. 

Coping with the Emotional Side of Crohn’s

When people think of Crohn’s, they usually picture frequent trips to the bathroom, severe stomach pain, and extreme fatigue. The physical symptoms are the defining characteristics of this disease. As a result, Crohn’s is thought of as an illness that only affects the body. With symptoms that are undeniably painful and debilitating, it’s nearly impossible to look past the physical manifestations. However, there is another very important aspect of Crohn’s that is often overlooked.

Landing Pages

Attention-getting landing pages that entice and inform customers. 

Explore Beautiful Orlando, Florida - Take the Leap

Orlando, situated in central Florida, is a place that exudes excitement and adventure. Most memorably home to Walt Disney World, Universal Orlando, and the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, Orlando has something for everyone to explore. It’s a beautiful vacation destination, with plenty of exciting options to choose from. Come visit Orlando and explore the best that Florida has to offer in terms of outdoor adventures, excellent dining, art exhibits, shopping, and nightlife. Skydive in Orlando and take in the most stunning sights, then enjoy an exciting night of food and fun with friends and family.

Travel in Luxury with Flydar.com’s Air Charter Solutions!

Travel in style by flying in a sleek private jet! Flydar Arlington County, VA offers the most reliable, safe, fun, and exclusive way to travel, with our Air Charters. This is the best way to travel. Whether you’re flying for business or for fun, we offer charter services to fit every need. Our exclusive charters include Corporate, Private, and Specialty Air Charters. These private jets, flown by Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) certified pilots, are luxurious and perfect for any travel occasion. With options for everyone, it’s no wonder our Air Charters are so popular.

Flydar Offers Cutting-Edge Drone Services in Akron, Ohio

First time drone user or an experienced flyer? Join us in Akron, OH, for all your drone needs. At Flydar Drone Services Akron, we offer a variety of drone services, providing you with the best training and up to date knowledge for your drone needs. We offer a multitude of services, including Drone Solutions, Drone Pilot Training, and Individualized UAV Services. Rely on us for all your drone needs. Continue reading for further information regarding the types of Drone Services offered.

Learn to Fly in Newark, New Jersey

Here at Flydar.com Newark, we take pride in producing excellent pilots by providing the best flight instruction available. We offer a variety of pilot training courses, ranging from novice to expert level. Our courses are suitable for recreational pilots as well as for those seeking to fly professionally. With such a variety of different pilot license options available, we offer something for everyone. The licenses we offer are: Sport Pilot License, Private Pilot License, Commercial Pilot License, and Airline Transport Pilot License. We also offer Discovery Flights. Learn to fly in Newark, but before that, continue reading for more information about the licensing programs we offer.